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Re: Custom Neck

Post by slashin_velvet » 18 May 2018, 16:08

One thing - a twisted neck is a flawed neck to begin with - who's to say it wont twist more in the future.

If you were to go down that path, you could possibly take the frets out, fill the gaps with veneer, sand flat and then flip it over. Use the solid underside as the fretless side - so it has the same board.

Crazy question - if you filled the truss rod channel with a strip of timber and instead used 2 dual action truss rods, could you combat the twist this way?

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Re: Custom Neck

Post by Classic5 » 19 May 2018, 13:53

basshack wrote:
17 May 2018, 11:17
Seriously just come down to MSGM and build one that suits you. Yes you can strip the board off that broken one and replace the rod but you've still got to reshape and put a new finger board on anyway. You'd be saving yourself an evenings work at best. Classic 5 started with building just a neck, knew what he wanted shape wise and worked with the guys to get the result. Made a beautiful one and learnt some skills along the way.

As an aside a truss rod is a truss rod. I would be too fussed about buying a Warwick one if you go down that path.
+ 1 for building your own at MSGM. I had zilch experience in woodworking before hand and ended up with a new 66 style Jazz neck for my Bacchus. MSGM - Highly recommended. That bass has never sounded better!
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