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80s Maton JB4

Posted: 13 Jul 2017, 19:17
by bsod
Given the intrest in the past on these forums for 1980s Maton JB4's and how rarely they come up, just spotted one in Melb. It's a tad pricey imho at $1850, but you may be able to negotiate a better price. Here's the link

From the one pic it seems to be in nice condtion, but there is only one pic of the top of the bass.

Disclaimer: I do not or have never worked for this company and I do not know the seller, just passing on the info given the intrest in these basses from past threads.

What I will say is I *have* purchased guitars from this shop and have found them to be very good, just a pain to find parking near them.

Anyway, I hope someone finds this info usfeull.


Re: 80s Maton JB4

Posted: 15 Jul 2017, 23:06
by slave
It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.
Saying that;
Given what these have gone for in the past, I would say you could probably talk them down from their starting price.

Re: 80s Maton JB4

Posted: 02 Aug 2017, 21:41
by thegirls
I've just started bass as an adjunct to my very short guitar learning career. The standing joke between my teacher and myself is,... "If only I had started 30 years ago.... I might have been good by now". They don't get any better than Maton JB4. The price is not the issue: finding one for sale is the pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow. There is no such thing as an old Rolls-Royce, only 473 made, price at time (1984 was $1099) when average weekly earnings Australia wide was $355.60 in November 2016 it was $ 1 533.40. So in real terms Its not quite one third the price of the time in which it was produced, just over one weeks average wages now as opposed just less than 3 weeks average wages in 1984. Cheers

Re: 80s Maton JB4

Posted: 10 Aug 2017, 06:41
by Frobie
I bought my Maton JB4 Pro Fretless mid 80's from memory (at Regent Music downstairs off Grenfell St Adelaide). I believe it cost me over $1000 at the time but cant remember the exact price. It is the Pro model with a front mounted Cannon plug for DI recording. Dimarzio PJ pups. The body finish is a high gloss with an ebony fretless unlined fingerboard. I dont have it with me anymore as my son still owns it but he is to sell it back to me if he intends to get rid of it. It is a beautiful bass and glorious to play. The neck heel joint is perfect craftmanship as is the entire guitar. I only have 1 bad picture of it too. I hope in 2018 from what ive heard Maton return to making their beautiful basses.

Re: 80s Maton JB4

Posted: 12 Aug 2017, 14:43
by harmonyriver
There was a fretted one with the white pickups just over a year ago on Gumtree Perth for $1200 and in great looking condition - it sold in less than half a day as I rang him in the afternoon and he said it was sold after only a few hours of ad time. The re-issues have black pick-ups so look less retro/more modern...

Re: 80s Maton JB4

Posted: 09 Sep 2017, 16:39
by Proplanner
I played my JB4 for about 10 years around the clubs and pubs during the 80s. Still have it at home but have hardly touched it since 1988 when my daughter was born and I left the music scene as a result. Since then I've collected lots of high-end lead/rhythm guitars and play them for hours on a daily basis at home in my little studio. The JB4 is fretted and serial number 260 from the early 80s. Fantastic instrument in great condition considering how many gigs it's done.
I bought it after playing a Fender Jazz Bass which, no matter what strings I put on it, always had a dead, unsustained sound on the 5th fret of the top (G) string. I could never find an explanation for it. It was always such a chore having to play while trying to avoid that fret. So I got rid of it and got the Maton instead. Never looked back.
I got it out of the case the other day and played it for the first time in decades. It felt so foreign to play it after all that time (29 years since April 1988 when I last played professionally), particularly since playing my other thin-stringed axes (Fenders, Gibsons, Godin, and Maton acoustic) for so long now. The JB4 is certainly a beautifully balanced unit, so easy to play too.

Re: 80s Maton JB4

Posted: 09 Sep 2017, 17:52
by noplanb
Welcome Proplanner - thanks for your thoughts. I have a JB4 fretless from 2013, which also has a wonderful neck. Feel free to hang around! :)