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Re: Lab Systems?

Post by stripebass » 28 Oct 2016, 19:15

Thanks, I read that selling was ATR, but I didn't imagine fishing was ATR. In my defence I was on topic and also offered links to the archive site, it was mentioned earlier in thread that the site no longer existed, which it doesn't, however the archive does, so I'd like to think I was being useful. I also thought the historical significance, and the fact I had to go to the creator to gain info may help future users.

I'm not a pro bass player, I do studio songwriting, and having this item is just something that happened. The item being heavy doesn't even allow me to sell it on here, I just want to know what I should be asking locally.

Your info is quite helpful, as I have no real idea of the rigour of loading gigs, so you help me understand that this beast may be not such a great item.

If you had something you didn't fully appreciate or understand, you would probably like to ask advice, which is all I am doing, especially when you do 2 hours research and can't even find a picture close to what you have. It could have been a rare prototype museum piece for all I know.

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Re: Lab Systems?

Post by BazzBass » 29 Oct 2016, 12:27

I was just pointing out the rules so you don't get into trouble, personally I don't see anything wrong with asking for price advice :)

There is likely a member here who will be able to offer you some help. I'd start a new thread asking for help to identify your item, with pics. Then if anyone shows some knowledge,you can PM them for a price ;)
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Re: Lab Systems?

Post by BassLine » 29 Oct 2016, 19:40

stripebass wrote:Hi all, I have had a 2nd hand LabSystems 4x100 cab for about 14 years, barely used because I never got a decent head for it, the head I was using was an old 2x200 PA amp and my shed would start shaking at vol 3.

No model number, no plates. I tried tracking it down, it's basically a 410 but with the wider Labsystems blue badge dead center front and EV brand stamped speakers. Hence why I am searching forums for threads like this. I'm trying to value it as I want money for a new synth.

I ended up emailing Tim of (ex)Labsystems and he was gracious enough to promptly reply and tell me it was the first 410 they made back in late 80's. This is why I couldn't even find it on their website (archives go back to 1999). Here's a link to the archives for those interested, this 115 shows the badge that mine has. ... page_1.htm

He told me it was 'too heavy' so I guess they modified that in future models, (it's defo a two man lift, one man drag job). It also has brand stamped EV speakers which recent models don't? Are these two things an advantage or a handicap to sale price?

Anyhow, if anyone can think what ball park figure I should be asking for, I'd appreciate it.

Welcome stripebass.

Because of the uniqueness of the item... Best option to get widest responses would be starting a new thread here in the Aussie Made Gear discussion section with title like "price check: SWR 410 original prototype".

Definitely ask for all prices to be PM'd to your inbox (expect a LOT of variance). Feel free to chat via PM with the most knowledgeable respondents.

Once you've decided a price, happy for you to post a link to your eBay ad in the eBay thread.

Quality photos are a HUGE help too. Good luck.
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Re: Lab Systems?

Post by sharpman » 29 Oct 2016, 20:10

If I seen photos I MAY be interested, more for the reason that I do seem to collect Labsystems gear, rather than a cab that is practical and useable for myself.
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Re: Lab Systems?

Post by stripebass » 30 Oct 2016, 12:28

Thanks guys, I'll get onto that :)

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