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Threads to lend a hand to the working bass player
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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by apell » 02 Jun 2010, 12:46

Anthony 0408 058 525

Melbourne & surrounding suburbs plus Geelong

Rock/Pop Covers, Funk, Jazz, Latin

15 years of Guitar followed by 10 years of Bass, 4 years regular rock/pop covers gigs, 2 years regular jazz/funk gigs, prior to this various original bands playing countless gigs around Melbourne. Can read charts/lead sheets. Can also play competent acoustic & "rock" guitar if needed.

Rock setup - Musicman Stingray with Acoustic Control 320 head and GK 4X10 or Mark Bass CMD121P for smaller gigs.
Jazz setup - Custom Warmoth Fretless Jazz Bass and Mark Bass CMD121P.

Effects: yes when needed

Vocals: yes backing vocals and harmonies.
http://www.apellmusic.com - bass guitar electronica
http://www.trumpetjazzband.com.au - jazz/funk/soul
http://www.bassguitarlessons.com.au - bass lessons melbourne

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by Heath » 04 Jun 2010, 08:55

Heath - 0410366949
Newcastle - 2-3 hour radius
7 Years Gigging, Few studio recordings
KSD 5 string Jazz, Aguilar pre+Bartolini Pickups through line6 bass pod->2000w behringer poweramp-> 2x15 cab or 15+8+horn cab
Effects: Whole Bass Pod
Vocals: Limited
Cole Clarke LL5, Yamaha 425x, Fender CS 57P+Geddy Lee, Sandberg Ida, Spector Euro 4LX, Belman Custom 5
Amps: Markbass, Thunderfunk, Phil Jones

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by alexyaddis » 20 Jun 2010, 15:08

Alex 0401 655 476
Newcastle, willing to travel if the schedule permits. :)
I'll try any style but have most experience in Reggae, funk, afrofunk, rock, fusion.
5 years experience
Fender Jazz Plus and Precision Special fretless, Hartke LH1000w amp with hydrive 410 cab.
Effects: If required.
Vocals: backups maybe, if the bassline isn't complicated :shifty:

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by bloodmason » 24 Jun 2010, 18:15

nice thread. So no one else from Radelaide has put their hand up I'm in!!

Doug - 0422 101 002
15 years experience - mainly rock & metal but can give it all a red hot crack!!
Alembic & mailloux basses into rackmoubt gear & an 810. Have a smaller rig if the gig requires it.
No effects - just clean, smooth bassin'
Vocals: yes

I actually play the skinny strings in Captain Hellfire.... please don't kick me out of the club :peep:

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by james » 01 Sep 2010, 12:11

James - 0432954435
Playing nearly 10 years, good gear.


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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by boghi09 » 16 Sep 2010, 04:09

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by GazzaBass » 10 Nov 2010, 08:51

Gary 0438 972 880
Brisbane - S. Coast - G.Coast (if enough $).
Blues/Rock ; Covers ; Funk ; RnB ; Soul ; Country/Rock/Roots ; Reggae ; Caribbean ; Original .
30 + years
Stingray 5 ; Warwick Thumb 5 / Eden amp , Berg 210 , Shroeder 1212 , Aggie 112
QTron + ; TC Chorus/Flange
Basic Harmonies.
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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by Greg » 11 Nov 2010, 12:12

Greg 0438 321 347
Sydney, inner west.
Rock, blues, funk, basic jazz, metal.
Warwick Streamer Stage 2 (4 string).
Epifani UL502.
Epifani UL 410 + 115 cabs.
EBS preamp & effects.
Backing vocals.
Playing on & off since 1982, about 9 years experience.
Intermediate ability.
Own transport.
07 Warwick Streamer Stage 2
EBS fx

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by Marius » 04 Jan 2011, 17:15

Shannon Miller (0405 409 471)
Darwin NT, Melbourne after Easter
Rock, Metal, Punk
2 years (only a little bit of live gigs)
Spector Rebop 4 + Eden 410XLT + Eden 405 Head
Effects: Yes. (Overdrive, Chorus, Wah, Octave, Delay, Envelop Filter)
Vocals: No, can't do 2 things at once.
Shannon Miller
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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by stosostu » 20 Jan 2011, 09:06

Name and number: Bob - 0418 317 560 (Leave a message and I'll call you back)
Geographical area: Adelaide, but I'm happy to travel (Don't you just love a road trip)
Main styles played: Blues, Country, Rock
Experience: 40+ years
Bass and amp: Fender P Bass, Fender P Bass Plus, Fender J Bass (Active 5 string), Hohner Acoustic Bass. Fender and Peavey bass amps.
Effects: Don't use them.
Vocals: Country, blues and old R'n'R

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by hamo » 16 Feb 2011, 13:10

NAME & PH :- Craig 0437833173
REGION :- Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast
STYLES :- Top 40, blues, funk, soul, roots, country, RnB, rock
EXP :- Playing about 25 yrs, last 12 mnths playing regularly in a pub covers band.
GEAR :- USA Fender Jazz Dlx, Lakland 55-02 five string, Little Mark II head, Epifunky 4x10 cab.
EFFECTS :- Octaver pedal
VOCALS :- lead (limited) and Backing Vocals
Sadowsky MV4-HPJ | Lakland USA Duck Dunn #13 | Fender TB600 | Genz Benz STM900 | Berg AE212 | Eden XLT210

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by timefortea » 28 Feb 2011, 15:38

Ryan 0410456310
Brisbane - sunshine coast and inbetween.
Rock, prog, metal, church based and pop.
10+ years of playing, gigging and writing.
Ibanez srt805 active EMGs. Gk mb2-500 head with 2x12 and 1x15 as needed.
Effects: some
Vocals: depends how much playing you want ;)

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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by TheSpiced_Malonge » 17 Mar 2011, 15:22

Chris : 0450110553
Bathurst and the central west NSW
Rock, Pop, Funk, I'll try pretty much anything.
7 years gigging experience (Mostly covers)
Lakland Joe Osborn 5 / Genz Benz shuttle 6 & 4x10
Limited backing vocals
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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by JMAN » 10 Jun 2011, 15:59

John 0412925002

50's to contemporary covers, jazz standards, tribute show and originals too. Lots of experience in Corporate and Weddings in Melbourne and country areas. Playing for such occasions since around 1995.

Gear: Jazz bass 4 string, Bossa 5 string. Amps from Micro setups to concert volume rigs.
Reading ability. Pretty good.
Effects: none
Vocals: no vocal ability at all (gotta be honest)

PS. I have charted out heaps of covers tunes (navigation charts only) If anyone is after a chart, even on short notice, please let me know as I might have what you're after! I'll scan it and email/sms it to ya.
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Re: OzBass Subsitute Register

Post by weemac » 11 Jun 2011, 09:26

Eden (PM me for phone number)
Prog/Folk (my main thing), Jazz (at a pinch), Rock (sorta) I'll have a crack at anything
About 20 years of experience up my sleve playing in pub rock , jazz, folk and all sorts of bands (including eek..country). I can also play guitar well enough, I just prefer bass...
I mostly play 8 and 12 string octave basses, I can do the four or five string thing as well (sorta) Even an Ashbory
Amp is a Roland Super Cube 60 (silver 80s thing) + I have a Sansamp for the PA if neccessary
Effects as required
I can sing OK (great backing voice but not so good up front)

I tend to be a melodic player with chords for effect rather than just thumping out the roots (which is an artform to me)

Endorser of Cave Passive Pedals (just so you know)
BMR: Blorf My Rig!

Oh! And I woz the chap behind Polymack Basses....

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