Stolen 1969 Fender Jazz Bass

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Re: Stolen 1969 Fender Jazz Bass

Post by harmonyriver » 25 Jun 2012, 00:59

If it was listed on EBay, I am sure EBay can check their archives and track it down. Surely advertising and collecting a commission on stolen goods is against their operating policy. U may even need police assistance to get EBay to cooperate? I don't understand how the thief couldn't tell the police what he did with the bass?!
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Re: Stolen 1969 Fender Jazz Bass

Post by BOSS302BASS » 24 Oct 2014, 16:43

So my bass got stolen? If only Timo had taken the AU$3000 I offered him to buy it back in 2008. I had owned it for 20 years before I put it up for sale at The Bass Centre. I played close to 2000 shows with that bass, it toured with me for 5 years when I was in The Reptiles. it was my main bass in Hazchem and Guiltfilter before extreme poverty forced me to sell it. it was and never has been up on Ebay since Timo advertised it and refused my offer. ( He wanted US$3000 at the time). I have been searching Ebay every week since 2008 in the hope it would come up again. This is now the second time it has been stolen. Ramon Varela broke into my apartment in Lorne in 2000 and took it - fortunately he was stupid enough to brag to the wrong people (and me whilst I had a concealed tape recording device fitted to my person by the Torquay Police). I sincerely wish I could get this beautiful instrument back. It has all the names of all the bands I had played in carved into the bottom contour of the body, something Timo forgot to mention in this thread.

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