The Feedback Thread

Feedback from sales, stolen goods, dodgy sellers etc...
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The Feedback Thread

Post by Phil » 03 Jul 2010, 14:28

Post your positive and negative feedback of classifieds in this thread. Let's keep this to one post only, no discussions throughout the thread. This is only about giving Feedback on people, not discussing it. if you'd like to discuss it, PM the person in question.

What to mention on the post: a link to the sales thread if possible, good or bad experience with the seller/buyer, reasons for bad feedback, etc...

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Post by Rude_Mechanical » 03 Jul 2010, 14:40

User: happyslappysoong
Feedback: Positive
Bought - Dunlop 105Q

User: Aussie Mark
Feedback: Positive
Bought - Akai UniBass fx pedal, EHX Mini Q-tron, bass hanger
Received Free - longest strap in the world :)

User: Blizzard
Feedback: Positive
Sold: Warwick W116 cab

User: Geej
Feedback: Positive
Sold: Tech 21 Landmark 300 head

User: Pantsman
Feedback: Positive
Received: Trace Elliot 1518T

Lachlan delivered this to my gig in Toowoomba, last-minute at the start of my Darwin trip. Top bloke for bailing me out of trouble :)

User: Petebass
Feedback: Positive
Received: Boss OC-2

User: thebman
Feedback: Positive
Sold: G&L Tribute L-2000

User: can you hear me
Feedback: Positive
Received: Boss TU-2

User: Lucasade
Feedback: Positive
Received: MM Sterling

User: Tde
Feedback: Positive
Received: '78 Fender Bassman 135

User: Rudager
Feedback: Positive
Received: Nordie stacked Jazz pickups.

User: mojomadness
Feedback: Positive
Received: Tech 21 SansAmp RBI

User: tankenginelorenz
Feedback: Positive
Sold: Schecter Stiletto Studio 6

User: Queequeg
Feedback: Positive
Sold: Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble and Tronographic Rusty Box.
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Re: The Feedback Thread

Post by sparkyness » 03 Jul 2010, 14:47

Username: Jamiesdad
Feedback: Positive
Received: SWR Basic Black

Username: bassman_panta
Feedback: Positive
Received: Ashdown 2x10 Cab

Username: FBassDave
Feedback: Negative
Received: Meteoro Bass Drive Pedal
(pedal DOA with bad mods not noted in description of item - acted like a douche about it too)

Username: Dizz
Feedback: Positive
Received: EHX Bass Big Muff

Username: Vintone
Feedback: Positive
Received: Wall-hanging guitar mounts (FREE) & inspiration to get out of Melbourne (eventually) and back to Country Vic

Username: FunkyDanBass
Feedback: Positive
Received: Behringer ADA8000 converters

Username: Winson
Feedback Positive
Received: RNC - Really Nice Compressor.
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Re: The Feedback Thread

Post by Phil » 03 Jul 2010, 15:02

How about a different paragraph for each user Chris ;)

That'll do a crapload of posts and millions of pages to go through if you do one post for each

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Re: The Feedback Thread

Post by Soong » 03 Jul 2010, 17:23


User: AussieMark
Received: Free Strap/patch leads/tons of stuff

User: Rick
Received: CDs, Neotech Strap, various books, free patch lead, knobs.

User: Nigel
Received: SX Jazz Fretless

User: rodl2005
Received: Ibanez ABG140 Bass

User: Rude_Mechanical
Sold: Dunlop Crybaby wah

User: Rayle_Trail
Received: Dunlop Crybaby wah

User: Sparkyness
Received: Free Harmoniser pedal

User: Robert43
Received: Free Strings!

User: 22pauld22
Received: Free strings

User: Jake of Bass
Sold: LaBella Flats

User: Bloodmason
Received: SBMM Ray35

All users above had good, fast communication and posted items and/or paid fast without delay.


No one yet!

If i have forgotten anyone, please PM me.
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Re: The Feedback Thread

Post by mkat » 03 Jul 2010, 19:49


User: bigtweedie (went the extra mile on this, so very happy with the deal and comms)
Received: Berg AE210

User: Winson
Received: Aguilar OBP-1

User: happyslappysoong
Received (free): BOSS MT-2

User: sparkyness
Received (free):
  • EMG HZ 40's (Bass) Neck and bridge set
    Seymour Duncan Trembucker (Guitard) bridge pickup
    Seymour Duncan Hot Rail (Telecaster Guitard)

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Re: The Feedback Thread

Post by James R » 03 Jul 2010, 21:08

User: Surge
Feedback: Positive
Received: Moog Bass MuRF.

User: adomaa
Feedback: Positive
Received: Gator Pro Pedal Tote

User: Phatbass
Feedback: Positive
Sold: DOD 250 Overdrive

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Re: The Feedback Thread

Post by PilbaraBass » 03 Jul 2010, 22:00

User: Nigel
Feedback: Positive
Sold: Peavey Microbass Amp

User: adomaa
Feedback: Positive
Received: Carvin RC210T amp

User: Rick
Feedback: Positive
Received: Everly Rockers Bass Strings
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Re: The Feedback Thread

Post by jamiesdad » 04 Jul 2010, 08:52

User: Aussie Mark
Feedback: Positive
Received: Free Flats

User: Vintone
Feedback: Positive
Received: Strap

User: terry
Feedback: Positive
Received: pickups

User: Sparkyness
Feedback: Positive
Sold - SWR Basic Black

CrayzeeBass (Mark)
Purchased - Digitech BSW
Great seller - express posted to make sure I got it for the Sydney GTG
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Re: The Feedback Thread

Post by Classic5 » 04 Jul 2010, 19:41

User: Tendollarcat
Feedback: Positive
Received: TecAmp Puma 1000

User: Johhny Bee
Feedback: Positive
Received: Free CD
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Re: The Feedback Thread

Post by Aussie Mark » 05 Jul 2010, 10:19

To the best of my old memory, here's mine:

(If I've missed any, please let me know and I'll add it)

Use: RodL
Feedback: Positive
Received: Ampeg V4BH

User: Rick
Feedback: Positive
Received: 9v power supply

User: RodL
Feedback: Positive
Received: short scale D'Addario Chromes (free)

User: NotTheFish
Feedback: Positive
Received: Maton JB4

User: SpankyAndy
Feedback: Positive
Received: Epiphone Rivoli

User: MrMow
Feedback: Positive
Received: white Stingray HH
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Re: The Feedback Thread

Post by grumpy_dog666 » 05 Jul 2010, 14:41

I will have missed some....please PM if I have missed you!

Username: rodl2005
Item Sold: Boss ME-50B
Feedback: Positive

Username: dancingkoala
Item Sold: Line6 X3
Feedback: Positive

Username: stoneboy26
Item Sold: Dunlop 105Q
Feedback: Positive

Username: CrayZee_Bass
Item Sold: G&L Tribute L-2500
Feedback: Positive

Username: smo
Item Sold: MusicMan Stingray4 Pickguards
Feedback: Positive

Username: hamo
Item Sold: KSD Proto J-705
Feedback: Positive

Username: James Williams
Item Sold: Lakland Bob Glaub Skyline 4
Feedback: Positive

Username: Anarchyok
Items Traded: MusicMan Sterling5 for a Lakland Joe Osborn 5
Items Traded: T-Rex Replica Delay and MXR El Grande Fuzz for GK MB2-500
Feedback: Positive

Username: Stain
Item Traded: MarkBass LM2 for a Warwick Corvette Ash 4 Passive
Feedback: Positive

Username: funkydanbass
Item Purchased: Dunlop 105Q
Feedback: Positive

Username: NotTheFish
Item Purchased: Strings
Feedback: Positive

Username: Rick
Item Purchased: MXR El Grande Fuzz
Feedback: Positive

Username: jcarruth
Item Purchased: RockBags
Feedback: Positive

Username: Aussie Mark
Item Purchased: Tech 21 Bass VT
Feedback: Positive
Human Base Roxy B4
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Re: The Feedback Thread

Post by vin-tone » 05 Jul 2010, 17:59

Here's the Vin*tone honour roll.... I've got a special section people who've they've given me stuff in the free stuff thread:

DEMIGODS: :notworthy:
Sparkyness - for the free tube distortion pedal and guitar rack.
Aussie Mark - For a Warwick Truss rod key and extremely cool suede strap.'
Johnee Bee - Free set of strings

Regular all round GOOD BLOKES: :thumbup:
Rick - Cafe Walter Headphone amp... Which I bought off him, then sold it back. Also Tweed case.
Alistair - bought my Aggy Octamizer
LimeB - bought my EHX BlackFinger
OzRoscoe - bought my '83 MIA Precision
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Re: The Feedback Thread

Post by 22pauld22 » 05 Jul 2010, 23:43

positive feedback

he bought my peavey g bass (man I miss it) couldn't play it though hahah

she bought my ebs multicomp and was very patient (because of personal reasons I was very slow with postage)

johnny dee
sent me a yamaha digital delay for free cheers mate

bought my aggie obp1 off me cheers mate

grumpy dog
bought my dimazio model j and p good bloke hope he made good use of them

good bloke . sent me an 8 inch speaker when I was looking for one for the price of postage :) cheers mate

bought his double bass . bet he misses it . nice guy thank mate

bought my boss js5 good guy nice cruzey attitude cheers mate

bought my audere classic 4 nice guy easy transaction hope it works out for ya


bought his yammy trb6p nice guy and very honest . very easy transaction

jumpin Jimmy

Bought his berg ae112 great packaging and very easy to deal with very nice guy

He bought my ssb5 soap bar pickups good luck with em heathhope they suit ya
Very positive transaction

Bought a 210 off me and blew it up sheeesh , nice guy don't loan him your speakers haha
Also bought some SD p and j pickups off me , couldn't recommend him more highly

Bought my berg12 very friendly guy and took it in his stride when my 2 year old decided to wipe some too off her hand onto his new cab, nice guy
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Re: The Feedback Thread

Post by bollo » 06 Jul 2010, 09:50

Maybe a dodgy brothers thread would be easier, 99.9% of the entries here are going to be positive.

I love youse all! :cry


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I've got a bad feeling about this....

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