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Can't Start a Thread? - Ozbass Donation FAQ

Post by Phil » 28 Jul 2013, 13:51

Can't start a thread here? Its because the classifieds are Supporting Member only section, only they can start threads in the Classifieds, as per "Forum Rules" above ^

How do I become a Supporting Member?
Hit the Paypal Donate button at the top right of the screenImage (not this one cuz its only a picture :) )

I can't see the Donate Button anywhere, what's up with that?
It's likely you're not using the default forum skin as Mods such as the donate button are installed directly on the skin templates. To change to default skin go to; User Control Panel->Board Preference->My Board Style->ProFormell->Submit

I donated and I still can't post in the Classifieds, what gives??
Memberships need to be upgraded manually, that means that when you donate, I receive a confirmation email about it, then I go on Ozbass, search the paypal email of the donator which is usually linked to your username and upgrade the member after which time you can start a post. If your username is not linked to the same email as the one you have your paypal then I can't track you down so I then email the paypal account and asks what your username is. If you never check your email attached to your paypal then you likely will never get updated unless you email me first to ask about it. If your paypal address and username addres aren't the same, email me after you've donated to make the whole process go faster.

I donated yesterday and I still haven't been upgraded.
I usually upgrade right away when I get the paypal confirmation email, if I'm at work it might take a few hours until I go to lunch or leave work and get a second to do it. If you haven't been updated within 8 hours email or pm me to remind me, don't forget to state your paypal address and username so I can match the records I have

How do I know when I've been approved as a Supporting Member?
Your username will appear in "blue" when you're logged in where a registered user appears in "black" I don't send confirmation emails after I upgrade someone, you'll need to login to the forum and see which colour your username is.

What's the minimum donation I can give?
$10, that's a lifetime donation that will give you access to the classifieds for as long as this forum is online, I won't ask to renew it every year like certain overseas forum do

What about the t-shirts?
For a $22 donation you get an Ozbass t-shirt shipped free to your Australian address, this also give you access to the Supporting Membership and Classifieds. Check out this thread for t-shirt details if you'd like one

What's this Gold Membership?
After you've donated more than $100 to the forum, either in one go or in many times of donating smaller amounts you can get a gold membership. You'll need to keep track of your donations if its more than one go and let me know then I'll upgrade it. Its just a different colour showing off to your mates on the forum that you're a cool guy :cool: There's no other special thing about it besides letting you keep more archived pm's in your box (you get a bigger pm box). If you donate $100 in one go you also get a free Ozbass t-shirt, be sure to email the t-shirt size and details when you donate

I don't have a Paypal account can you send me your banking details?
Preferably not, If everyone that wants to upgrade starts sending me emails about banking details and I need to email everyone back with confirmations and such and then wait a few days until the money clears in my account before upgrading members then this makes a whole lot more steps for me to go through to get to the same results, my pm box and emails will get flooded with extra messages that I need to deal with which takes time away from work and from my little free time. The forum and paypal are linked to make it all work well and fast along with the system I have with upgrading memberships. Paypal is easy, just go to and register


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