Bassed in Hobart - Bass Concert weekend

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Dominant Music
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Bassed in Hobart - Bass Concert weekend

Post by Dominant Music » 11 Apr 2014, 11:43


Dominant Music is pleased to be supporting "BASSED IN HOBART"

From small things big things grow. We hope this will become Australia's bass festival. Nigel Hope deserves maximum support for this event. In years to come we can see this becoming the Premier bass Festival / camp with the finest educators from around the world.

Bassed in Hobart
Australia's premier Bass weekend.

Bassed in Hobart 1 is as the name would suggest is the first of many bass events to be held in beautiful Hobart Tasmania.

BiH1 is the brain child of local bass player and educator Nigel Hope.

For years now Nigel has run a very successful series of concerts as a leader under the name of Bass Jump, he has also presented 4 Bassed in Hobart concerts. Now it's time to take the next step and this is where it starts. Bassed in Hobart 1 will take place on the 9th, 10th and 11th of May 2014, and it will be, as the name says, a weekend devoted to bass. It will consist of 2 concerts (Fri and Sat nights) and 2 days (Sat and Sun) of great bass master classes, work shops, product demos and lots more.

Featuring Andy Irvine, Jeremy Alsop, Nick Haywood and many more.

Learn more about the event, concerts, educators and more here :

About Hobart

Hobart the city is the southern most capital city in Australia. and is therefore the lowest capital city in Australia, what better place to hold a bass weekend. Apart from this great event Hobart is a stunning place to visit with many attractions including the MONA Musuem, great food, incredible wines, beers and more.

So, lovers of the low end be part of it and register now. These events only continue if they are supported.

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Re: Bassed in Hobart - Bass Concert weekend

Post by Petebass » 11 Apr 2014, 12:21

Great concept, strange location.
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Aussie Mark
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Re: Bassed in Hobart - Bass Concert weekend

Post by Aussie Mark » 11 Apr 2014, 12:33

Tasmanians will be giving each other a lot of high sixes when they hear this news

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Re: Bassed in Hobart - Bass Concert weekend

Post by wilbur88 » 11 Apr 2014, 17:34

Aussie Mark wrote:Tasmanians will be giving each other a lot of high sixes when they hear this news
Gold. :lol:
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Re: Bassed in Hobart - Bass Concert weekend

Post by Diggo » 11 Apr 2014, 18:53

Great location, poor Tasmanian jokes. Everyone knows two heads are better than one when organising these things.

Nigel is an excellent amBASSador and puts on some excellent events.

And before anyone asks, we're probably not related.

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