Tom Kennedy YouTube/Podcast Interview

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Tom Kennedy YouTube/Podcast Interview

Post by stonecoldbass » 22 Sep 2018, 10:14

A few months ago I was super lucky to get to spend an afternoon with the incredible Tom Kennedy while he was in town playing with Mike Stern and Dave Weckl (dream band!!)
Tom Kennedy is a modern master of the bass, with incredible facility and language on both upright and electric he has performed and recorded with some of the greatest names in jazz. It was an absolute pleasure to sit down and chat with Tom about his approach to playing, his bass journey and a ton of other things! Check out the video interview here or subscribe to the Bass Lessons Melbourne Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher etc; for the listen anywhere, audio only version.
iTunes: ... 82231?mt=2
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Re: Tom Kennedy YouTube/Podcast Interview

Post by narcdor » 25 Sep 2018, 22:29

That was really cool
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Re: Tom Kennedy YouTube/Podcast Interview

Post by Classic5 » 26 Sep 2018, 10:34

narcdor wrote:
25 Sep 2018, 22:29
That was really cool
+1 :thumbup: :cool:
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